Fork It!
Level 1: Moving blocks
To pass this level, you will need to use the H to grab and move blocks.
How To Play
Movement: W (up) A (left) S (down) D (right)
Move Blocks: Hold H to grab a block. Use the movement keys to move the block
Remove Blocks: F (There must be 3 touching blocks of the same color)
Take / Give Color: E (Blocks with a white outline are NOT colorable)

Block Types
Colored Box: These colored boxes can be pushed and pulled. You can also take and give colors to them.
Stationary Box: These boxes are screwed to the floor. They can not be pushed but they can still be removed by joining together other boxes of the same color!
Single Color Box: Boxes with a white outline cannot have color taken or given to them. They are locked to a single color.